My love for horses began at a very early age. In fact, when I was 15, my folks sent me to horse camp figuring they would ‘cure me’ of my horse fever. My mom says to this day that backfired on them. At the end of camp the second year, I snuck a horse home. Her name was Amber, a four-year-old Arab-Quarter Horse Chestnut mare with flaxen mane and tail. My Dad furrowed his brow when he found out, but I convinced him that I was destined to be a horse owner and dedicated to take care of her. I worked at McDonald’s for $3.35 an hour to pay for Amber’s upkeep which I happily did that year. Sadly, she had to go back to camp and I graduated from high school. 

I jumped at every opportunity to be around horses, taking a very short job at Wayne Newton’s Aramus Arabians in Las Vegas, the Beedle Arabian Ranch in Reno, HyWynne Arabians in Clarence, NY and there were others. I bought my first horse, Saylor, in 1990.

Along with horse ownership comes an understanding of horse property. There are high-end horse people – I am not one of them. My jeans are dusty. I probably have some sort of tack in my car at any given point in time. I may even show up to show a listing in my muck boots. I can promise I will never – ever – show up in Stilettos to show a horse property like I have seen some agents do. But I am your agent to analyze the footing of an arena, evaluate a property based on its fencing, and warn you about soil issues that might become a problem.  If you are buying, I can help you analyze them. If you are selling, I can market the heck out of them through my connections.

I look forward to helping you with your horse property (and, of course, meeting your four-legged friends!



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