There is a reason you use a professional more than once. I have used Teresa for my real estate needs (selling and buying) 5 times. This is because she’s a consummate professional agent. She always has her ducks in a row, always has everything ready to go on time, has great contacts in a world most of us don't know how to navigate and knows what she is talking about not just with the selling and buying portion of a RE transaction, but with houses in general. You will be so pleased with Teresa’s services!

- user3042555

Teresa is an amazing REALTOR. She helped me find the perfect home for me especially being a first-time home buyer. She’s patient and kind and willing to help you from any location she is at. I definitely recommend her. I took a year off from house searching and she jumped right back in after I was ready again like there was no missing time. Her energy is amazing and she will definitely make sure the house is a perfect fit for you.

- shelbya8

Teresa went above and beyond with the sale of my house. She put a great deal of thought into showcasing the house in the marketing materials. She deftly facilitated the "back and forth" after the inspection, helped me find contractors, and kept me informed every step along the way. I decided to list the house before the tenants moved out; this added another layer of logistics, but Teresa did a great job coordinating with the tenants when scheduling showings and open houses. In addition to her long-time experience in Monroe, I retained Teresa for her passion and knowledge of older homes. My home was built in 1901 and had been added onto and modified over the years. I wanted an agent who knew about old home construction and systems (heating, electrical, plumbing) and Teresa fit that bill.

- Carihornbein

Interviewed three REALTORS, and Teresa was the only one that supplied written facts including comps and more importantly an estimate of all of the costs at closing. She worked quickly and diligently to complete the sale. From the first day and up until the final closing date. Four offers on the property that was listed for 78 days. Services included negotiations, options, listing within 24 hours, and updated communications as they occurred. This is a REALTOR that would be highly recommended for anyone that is in need of services for their property. We were in a unique situation having to liquidate an estate and we were located out of state. Definitely made the right choice in our selection. 

- vgpolzer

Teresa, is a wonderful individual, she very personable and really honesty, she is 100% invested in your sale of your home and always goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable with the sale of your home. I would recommend without a doubt.

- watson54

Teresa Willard's professional style is laid-back friendly with underlying of genius. She knows how to listen and get things done! She is an honest helpful agent working hard to have a satisfied client now, and tens of years from now. A question she asks me when we visit is, "Carol, are you still happy you bought this home?" She genuinely wants to know. Satisfaction for her clients is very important to her. Teresa and I spent more than a year looking for my home. It had to be in the right place and for the right cost. She did not waste my time looking at homes that were not within my specifications. She was great to work with. 

- Carol Mangiola

I have known Teresa for many years. She recently sold my mother’s estate. It was not on the market long at all. I would not have chosen anyone else to handle this. She is always professional and friendly. Teresa did the research on the neighborhood prior to listing so that we would get the best price and she is always finding creative ways to market. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy real estate. 


- Bevybear

I've had the chance to work with Teresa a couple times trying to find the right home. She has always been on the lookout for what would meet my unique needs and helped me navigate the process with ease. I've found her to be knowledgeable and helpful during every step of the some buying process.

- kathy dixon5

From the get-go, Teresa was outstanding. She was super eager to assuage any fears of putting my home on the market. She knew how it was fairing, and knew the right price. But that was only the beginning! Throughout the process she communicated amazingly. I'm in Nevada, so selling a home from out of state isn't an easy thing. She went above and beyond to generate contract requests for repairs and used her own contacts for others. I've never worked with an estate agent so thoroughly competent before. 24-hours a day she'd be working (I could tell by the random emails at 1 in the morning). Tireless, relentless, passionate; all words I use to describe her work ethic. 

- zuser20140422070820888

I had an opportunity to work with Teresa in early 2013, and in my opinion, she is the ultimate professional. She guided, supervised and managed two of my young first-time home buyers successfully through a bank owned purchase, along with managing the timelines associated with a USDA Home Loan. I learned that Teresa not only cares passionately about the customer experience, but her knowledge of managing a real estate transaction was a cut above the rest in her industry. I highly recommend Teresa Willard if you are preparing to purchase a home. You will be glad you met with her! 

- Dan Keller