• Teresa Willard

Finally, my photoblog has arrived!

It’s about time! I’ve only been online since February 1996 and this is my first bonafide blog post. I kind of consider my Facebook posts to be blogging but this is the real deal. This is not just a blog, but a photoblog! It is suggested that with a traditional blog, the author writes 1200-3000 words per entry. But a photoblog expects captions to go with a photo, not necessarily a long write up, and is more suited to my personality and writing style.

This photoblog will be a representation of my community, my many great joys, and of course, hyper-local real estate information. As a full-time Realtor, mostly empty-nester mom, horse owner, peony farmer, old home advocate, local history buff, and amateur photographer, my hope for this p-blog is it will be a great platform to share interesting information and for potential and current clients get to know me better.

I live in Monroe, Washington, which is a part of the greater Skykomish River Valley (aka Sky Valley). I’ve lived in the Sky Valley since 1996, coming here from Northern Nevada and Upstate New York (Rochester & Buffalo) prior to that.

This first photo I’m sharing is of a peony bud in my garden last year (2020) covered with sap and a bee perched on top. Peonies can take up to 5-7 years to produce a flower from a seed. I like to think that my first photo exemplifies how I feel about this p-blog. It’s been a long wait to get here, but it will be enjoyable and continue to grow over the years.

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